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Working towards a Sustainable Future

The environment, especially regarding climate change, is frequently in the spotlight these days. As our nation sees rollbacks of environmental regulations in other countries, we must increase our vigilance and commitment to our planet. Here at Green Choice Electrical, we are designing our company around the concepts of sustainable energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint. Our core belief is that we have no “planet B” and that each one of us is responsible for the effects that our actions have on our environment. This is not something we say, but rather it is who we are. We care about our planet and want to leave it a better place than when we found it. We also want to provide inspiration and practical empowerment so others can do the same. To that end, we offer our customers the product choices which will help to reduce the carbon footprint.

What we Offer

We offer the best available energy saving solutions for your home or property. Our goal is not only to save you money; it is to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly future for the world we live in.

Understanding the

The Carbon Footprint

Understanding the carbon footprint is a key to creating ways to reduce it. Each of us is making an impact on the amount of carbon we release into the air. Simply stated, a carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which are primarily of carbon dioxide, linked to a business, a group, or an individual. Constant use of fossil fuels is a prime reason for the level of carbon which presently surrounds us. A large carbon footprint is the most significant influence on greenhouse gas and climate change. This leads to adverse conditions within the environment as weather patterns change, polar ice melts, and ocean levels rise. These problems cause an undesirable domino effect throughout ecosystems sparing no one or nothing. Denying or ignoring these matters will have disastrous results for our planet.

Solar Energy Leaders

Suppliers and Installers of premium based commercial and residential solar energy products.

Reducing Energy Costs

Suppliers and Installers of innovative energy saving devices for homes and businesses.

Impeccable Customer Service

Combined with the highest quality innovative energy solutions we guarantee a five star customer experience to all our clients, big or small.

Solar Solutions

What if we told you that we could offer you options to power your home as well as protect the environment while saving money on energy bills? This is much easier than many people believe. Here, at Green Choice Electrical, we offer you, our customers top quality solar systems. Investing in solar systems is a win- win energy option. You, as a property owner benefit, in the long term, by saving thousands of dollars in energy costs. The planet will see a positive change as soon as you switch from fossil fuels to solar power for your home or business. Additionally, we often see a ripple effect because once you share how much you love your new solar system, your friends and family may also want to switch energy sources. While it may seem like a small victory, each person who begins to use solar power brings Australia, and the planet a little closer to freedom from fossil fuels.

Energy Reduction

Green Choice Electrical is proud to be an authorised distributor of the COOLNOMIX® Optimised Refrigerant Supply or the ORS. This revolutionary patented system is an excellent way to save on costs while reducing energy consumption. Once installed, the COOLNOMIX® works with your existing air conditioner or refrigeration system to maintain the proper temperature. The system uses algorithmic energy trading to monitor the thermodynamic and hydraulic functions of your air conditioner or refrigeration system. The COOLNOMIX® maintains your desired temperature without excessive strain on your cooling unit. Once again, this is a scenario where you and the planet benefit from using this system. Your home or business is comfortable while consuming less energy. Using the COOLNOMIX® ORS improves air-quality and lowers the carbon footprint. Additionally, the company is launching several more products which will help consumers save money while saving the planet.

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