An environmentally friendly device that Green Choice Electrical now offers is the COOLNOMIX. Following the worldwide push to limit diminishing ozone materials, Green Choice Electrical is working to help reduce greenhouse gasses by providing this system which focuses on cleaner energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

The COOLNOMIX® ORS™ is the brainchild of Agile8 Consulting Limited whose goal was to simultaneously limit environmental toxins and lower the costs associated with air conditioning and refrigeration.

The COOLNOMIX® ORS™ works to accomplish this goal by relying on the Optimised Refrigerant Supply. Two temperature sensors allow the ORS™ to monitor the room temperature as well as the refrigerant supply. By applying an algorithmic energy trading approach, the COOLNOMIX® starts and stops the unit’s compressor at the exact times to optimise operating costs.

Use of this system provides numerous benefits including, exceptional energy-saving performance, temperature stability, and smaller carbon footprints because of enhanced air quality and reduction in expended energy. We are looking forward to launching several new products which will help reduce greenhouse gasses and protect the ozone layer in the near future.

Our work is guaranteed and the system is covered by a three-year warranty. Our customers also appreciate the fact that the system needs no maintenance.

The Correct Systems For The Job

Installing the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ is typically a relatively straight forward process, and offers minimal disruption to the customer. The great news too is that should you ever decide to move home, or change your business address, we can remove the device and install it at your new location.

Our technician starts by installing two temperature sensors and then links a control connection in line with the existing thermostat. We are able to retrofit the COOLNOMIX® ORS™ to any refrigerant-based cooling system which uses a single thermostat. The system requires no scheduled maintenance, but should a problem arise; we will send a maintenance crew to your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding the installation process, please contact our office. We are happy to address all of your concerns.

Huge Savings on Energy Bills for your Home or Business

Fridge Systems

Save an average of 30% of your refrigeration costs by using Coolnomix.

Air Conditioning

Save an average of 40% off running costs on any brand or sized air-conditioners by using Coolnomix.

Power Bill

In many climates Coolnomix will save you an incredible 20-30% of your power bill.